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Written by Cyndie Martini
on March 19, 2018

Millions of transactions take place every day. From small purchases like purchasing a coffee to larger purchases like a major appliance, you members want everyday transactions to be a quick and simple process. Ensuring your credit union is offering the products your members need to make their daily purchases is one way to ensure member loyalty and remain competitive in the financial marketplace.

Rent, dining out, bills, and clothing – these are just some of the millions of transactions that take place every day. In fact, the average person spends over $1,000 on coffee every year. In order for your credit union to stay top of mind and to capture these transactions happening each day you need to offer the products and services your members are looking for.

Member Access Pacific (MAP) has a suite of products designed for credit unions to help them provide tools their members need for their everyday transactions. From credit cards to Person 2 Person, MAP has the right payment solutions for you.

MAP’s Visa debit cards offer the flexibility and convenience of in-store transactions, ATM withdrawals, and online purchases. Your budget-conscience members will also appreciate the ability to track and control their spending without taking out a line of credit.

For your members who are looking for a way to increase their credit score or maybe a backup card, our Visa credit card product is a perfect option for them. MAP’s credit card program offers customizable benefits and rewards your credit union can use to help encourage and increase usage of the card while helping expand your card portfolio. The program has tools like the Credit Performance Accelerator that will help optimize your portfolio, analyze data and assist you in developing strategies.

Person-to-person payments, like Paypal and Venmo, have grown in popularity so in order to remain competitive it is important to have a product like this to offer your membership. MAP’s Person 2 Person (P2P) payments will allow your members to send PIN secure transactions to anyone with an email address or phone number. This product can be customized to match your credit union’s brand and easily integrated into your mobile banking services.

Along with P2P payments, MAP’s mobile payment app allows your member to access their accounts anytime, anywhere from their smartphone. The app includes features like transaction alerts, card controls as well as secure mobile payments in one easy to use app. Like P2P, the mobile app is also completely customizable, and MAP’s expert team will work with you to introduce this product into your mobile banking solutions.

Offering products and services that make everyday transactions simpler, will not only help increase member loyalty but can also add to your credit union’s bottom line. Ensure you are offering the right products your members need for their everyday transactions by contacting MAP today.

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