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Written by Cyndie Martini
on May 31, 2018

Knowing your audience is one of the cornerstone ideas to effective marketing and operating a successful business. Analytics and data help companies take this concept and turn it into a reality.

Member Access Pacific (MAP) offers a suite of powerful products that will help you track your membership’s behavior, so you can develop a strategy not only better to serve their needs but also increase your overall bottom line while doing so.

With MAP’s Portfolio Performance Solutions, you will have access to your cardholders, transactions, merchants and more. Through this data, you can get a better understanding of your cardholders’ journey to ensure you are delivering a convenient, consistent experience. By providing a consistent, enjoyable experience every time your member uses their credit card you are increasing your member loyalty and strengthening your card portfolio.

Visa Data Manager is another reporting tool that is able to pull in member information to uncover and assess opportunities for growth. This platform not only securely warehouses the information it also aggregates all of your card transaction data into a digestible report assessable from your computer.

MAP’s Credit Performance Accelerator is an incredibly intuitive, helpful tool that assists credit unions in working through “what if” scenarios. The program works in three steps. First, you build your case by adding scenarios and comparing assumptions to industry observations. Next, you take your idea and evaluate, compare and refine. This is done through visualization, reviewing information like profit and loss statements as well as updating any assumptions. The final piece is socialization and sharing your ideas to gain support from your colleagues.

Automation is a great way to utilize data while powering your marketing strategy. Our Integrated Marketing Solutions service offers turnkey automation for marketing your card programs. This means you will not have worry about creating marketing pieces and going through the manual process of getting your message to your member – MAP does the legwork for you.

Your credit union can select predefined campaigns or choose to customize one to reach your target audience. In addition to campaign templates, other features of the Integrated Marketing Solutions include augmented data file feeds, message collateral templates, automated offer qualification and settlement of the account credits, and recurring delivery schedules.

Data and analytics are powerful tools. Is your credit union using this strategy to its full potential? Contact MAP today to bring these reporting solutions to your credit union.

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