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Written by Cyndie Martini
on January 23, 2018

Minimizing ATM Processing Downtime-Mapacific (1)-1.jpg

There is nothing more frustrating for a member than when they go to withdraw money from their credit union’s ATM only to find that the machine is down. Your members expect a consistent experience whether they are visiting your website, branch, mobile app or ATM. In fact, a recent report found 75 percent of people expect a consistent experience whenever they engage with a brand.


In a world where it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for a negative one, it is essential to ensure your credit union’s ATM downtime is as minimal as possible. Member Access Pacific (MAP) has the technology and expertise to help you easily manage all your ATMs while satisfying the wants and needs of your membership.


When you partner with MAP’s ATM solution you are not only making an investment that saves you time and money, but will also increase the profitability of your ATM products. MAP’s technology gives you complete control of your ATM network. Through our dashboards, you will have the capability to manage all ATMs in real time along with monitoring their performance. Our system will notify you of any issues with the ATM through an instant notification message.


In addition to MAP’s ATM monitoring technology, you will also enjoy the marketing benefits ATM Campaign Management Suite offers. With this service, you can use your ATMs as another vehicle for your marketing campaigns. Some of the options include dispensing coupons, custom receipts text as well as custom out-of-service messages when your ATM needs to be serviced. All these tools can be implemented to your ATM without interrupting its function, so your members will still be able to access their money whenever they need it.


Deposit automation is another feature MAP’s ATM solution provides to help strengthen your ATM investment. Your members will appreciate the ability to deposit cash and checks without the hassle of deposit envelopes. They will receive a receipt with the image of their check or summary of cash deposit making the process simple while offering your members peace of mind.


Other benefits your members will enjoy are:


• Self-service transactions (such as payments, PIN change, mini-statement)

• Bilingual screen options

• Multiple account selections

• Alternate ATM location message

• Overdraft notification


Bad news travels fast. When a consumer has a negative experience, that news is likely to reach more than double the people than those who had a positive experience. Make your ATM products a positive experience for your members by contacting MAP today to reduce downtime and take control of your products.




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