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Cyndie Martini

10 Aug 2018
| 1 min read

Top Mobile Banking Concerns & How To Address Them

While mobile banking usage continues to increase and grow in popularit...

03 Aug 2018
| 2 min read

Person-to-Person Payments Gain Momentum

Summary: Convenience is essential when it comes to making payments. Th...

27 Jul 2018
Automation | 2 min read

Why Credit Unions Should Embrace Automation

Credit union needs to seriously consider new technologies to remain re...

18 Jul 2018
| 1 min read

ATM Jackpotting and Other Fraud

Fraud is one of the biggest threats to financial institutions. ATM fra...

18 Jul 2018
| 1 min read

Visa 2018 NFL National Promotion


13 Jul 2018
| 1 min read

Cash vs. Cards: Which One Is King?

The adage "cash is king" dates back to the 80s but does that statement...

11 Jul 2018
| 1 min read

Building Your Rewards Program

As most credit unions know credit cards are a competitive segment of t...

30 Jun 2018
| 2 min read

Synthetic Fraud

Summary: Fraud harms not only your credit union but also your members....

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